Trinity’s History

Back in the mid to late 1800’s people in the Waycross area worshipped under trees and arbors. It is said that every man and woman in Waycross was a Christian and every child in Waycross, regardless of race or color came to Saint Paul’s Sunday School which was held in a little log building on Ponds Street.
In 1872, the people decided to build a better Sunday School for their worship and built a small wooden building on the corner of Parallel and Racetrack Streets, near where Trinity now stands. In building the new frame church Dr. Daniel Lott gave most of the lumber and everyone helped as best they could with the structure. There were Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians worshipping together.
In 1893, it was decided to move the church to a new location since some of the members were leaving to organize churches of different faiths. The Methodists moved to the present location of First United Methodist Church on Gilmore Street. About 50 of these Methodists found it difficult to walk over to Gilmore Street so they returned to the little frame church where they had been worshipping.
For two years, Trinity was a mission church organized out of First Methodist Church, and in 1895 the first Stewards meeting was held and officers were elected. It was named Trinity after Trinity Church in Savannah. In 1900, a new red brick structure was built on the corner of State and Church Streets. The church was paid for in full upon its completion.
From the beginning, Trinity has served this area well. She has mothered two Sunday Schools that have become churches. She began missionary work at Downing and later built a church there with $600.00. A Sunday School and Epworth League were organized under Trinity’s care and guidance in Sunnyside. This organization later became the Hebardville charge.
In 1953, the present church was built along with an education building and parsonage right next to the church constructed in 1900. The Fellowship Hall was built in 1970 and a new Parsonage was constructed on Pruitt Drive in 2003.
Since its inception, Trinity has developed a reputation for being “first” in many areas. Trinity was the first church in Waycross to broadcast its services on the radio, the first to instigate Homecoming Day in this section of the state, and the first to mother 2 Sunday School classes that later became churches. Also, Trinity was the first to have a Sunday School class (Big Brothers) broadcast their lessons each Sunday on the radio, which they have done for 68 years now. In addition, Trinity was the first area church with a TV Ministry, local mission (House of Hope) and a 24-hour telephone prayer line.
But the true spirit of Trinity is found in a prayer by the Rev. H. H. Heisler, a pastor later in the life of Trinity: “Our Father, make the door of this church wide enough to receive all who need human love, fellowship, and a Father’s care, and narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and hate. Make the threshold smooth enough to be no stumbling block to children, nor straying feet, but rugged and strong enough to turn the tempter’s power. Father, make the door of this Church the gateway to Thine eternal kingdom. In the name of Christ our Lord, Amen.”